Thursday, February 01, 2007

bunny suit...

whenever im feeling down or just need a little pick me up i listen to the counting crows. specifically the song, "Holiday in Spain"

this is my favorite part:

"Hop on my choo choo
I'll be your engine driver in a bunny suit.

If you dress me up in pink and white
we might be a little fuzzy about it later tonight...."

it makes me happy.
imagining someone on a little train in a pink bunny suit.

ps- it reminds me of jimmy. that might a little bit of the reason im sad today too, cause he worked his last day at obi yesterday and its lonely without him.

but he came back today to drop something off. it was good to see him.

anyways- back to the ps- i cant wait to go visit jimmy in the lbc.


Jimmy said...

p.s. that is my favorite cc's song (and my favorite line)...i will forever miss working with you guys. thank you.

Katie said...

that is my favorite counting crows song too. my fav line is "we've got big black cars and we've got stories how we slept with all the movie stars".

i think i would put miss penny lane in a bumble bee costume every time i was feeling down.

Michael Krahn said...


I did some writing about the band recently that I put up on my blog in 5 parts.

Check it out: