Tuesday, February 13, 2007

happy snow day.

obi omaha will be working from home today.

translation: happy snow day.


Heidi, etc. said...

so will all the Algers [okay, 'cept daddy]. no "school" for Ben - 'tis a pj day [you, too?]

see you this weekend for a fleeting moment, or even longer. word is u guys are treating the kids, and yourselves [u in particular] to some Fil-A.

fun fact - I used to write the copy for their kids' program goodies.

enjoy the snow!

Danelle the Photographer said...

yes yes yes.

pjs- check.

chick-fil-a this weekend- check.

visiting you and the kidso- check.

movie and a makeover on tbs- check.

and super cool about writing copy for chick-fil-a....can you get me the hookup? haha

heidi said...

not so much.

the jackass creative director at the time tried to turn a cfa project into my demise. forgiven but not forgotten. was indeed fun while it lasted - i still have stuff for my portfolio tucked in a rubbermaid somewhere in the confines of our basement.

now, back to a private screening of curious george the movie...

Katie said...

OBI sucks.

Danelle the Photographer said...

burke smith sucks

go home

Jimmy said...

snow days were always good times...as for me, i am also 'working' from home today. although, this work doesn't pay in money, it pays in food and a place to live.

Katie said...

i WILL go home...in a few hours.