Saturday, February 24, 2007

factory girl...

last night we went and had fish and chips at the dundee dell then went to see factory girl at the dundee.

i didnt really know much about edie sedgwick before the movie. i thought i did know about andy warhol. i even have warhols 'after the party' poster hanging over my fireplace. i love pop art and always thought he was cool.

well after this movie i felt horribly sad. i came home and googled edie sedgwick to see how accurate the movie was. it was right on the ball from what i can see. edie was an art student turned model 'superstar' actress drug addict who died of an overdose ate age 28.

edie sedgwick was a bit of a lost soul who somehow ended up finding andy warhol. she really admired him and his work and when he asked her to be in his 'movies' she said yes and the rest was history.

warhol had this big place he called 'the factory' where they would make movies and he would do his art. they also did a hell of a lot of partying here. speed and booze.

she met bob dylan and feel in love. then couldnt leave the factory and lost him. he later married and she was crushed. she came from a rich but abusive family and was cut off- had no money, and no real friends.

it really made me sad. in the movie andy only gave her $50 for all of her movies and work she did for him. i hope he gave her more.

i still like warhols work, but will never think about him the same again.

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