Sunday, February 18, 2007

mission accomplished.

we went
we ate
we concurred.

the number one meal with sweet tea was just as i remember it.
thanks for joining me at chick-fil-a joel, cindy, kim, matt, linsey, randy, teri and erin.

you are a great family.

ps- the shopping went just as successfully.

i found a new pirate sweater with heart eye buttons, a dinosaur thermal shirt and some black and red rose flats. oh and some chuck norris shirts for joel. one says 'guns dont kill people, delta force kills people.' the other says 'i dont need a weapon- i am a weapon.' very awesome. oh and a little hoodie for ring bear ben with sneakers all over it and little leggings and skirt with hello kitty shirt for sister margie.

overall great weekend.

thanks kc.

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Linsey said... was a good trip, indeed.