Tuesday, September 19, 2006

this one goes out to my ladies...

today i found myself in an all to familiar place.

a place i have actually dreamt of.

a place where handbags were involved in these dreams can actually become reality for a poor girl like me.

a place some, cough- molly and jimmy- hear me speak of and crindge.

a place i have gone probably one to many times, but not enough to keep me from returning every other tuesday.

i simply call it 'my purse guy or purse day.'

it is scribbled in my planner and i set my phone to remind me on special weeks.

this week i had birthday money to blow- so i did both of the above mentioned things.

my 'purse guy' can get me anything i want.

he goes to ny and hongkong regularly and works on trades.

which was great when i worked for lancome...i traded many things to get new bags and sunglasses.

my past obsession was prada.

i have 5 prada bags (four black and one hot pink) and love them all.

i have 1 fendi and marc jacobs (this is not counting the coach i gave to my mom...that my sister took and some punk stole from her.)

and pairs of gucci, chanel and dolce and gabbana sunglasses.

anyways today i went on a mission and i found it.

a glorious teal chloe' paddington bag.

he threw in a pair of white and pink dior glasses- for my birthday...

he might be a somewhat scary man- who never fails to say you can't pay in lapdances everytime...

but i can't resist the thrill of searching for a new desinger imposter handbag in the heaps of bags in his livingroom- and finding that perfect one.

the rules are simple there, if you are smart enough to learn them...

1. if you are halfway interested in something- grab it and don't let go...until you do have enough time to decide.
2. cash is king--unless you are with me and promise not to write bad checks
3. don't take the first price he tells you...its probably off a few hundred dollars...he barters- don't play dumb or be dumb and pay $300.
4. don't take him up on the lapdance... no matter how hard you are up for a purse.
5. if you really want it- be quiet...he will give it to you.
6. go back and see him- he always remembers you and gives you a deal...sometimes free things. (3 pairs of earings, 2 pairs of sunglasses and a purse...if he loves you)
7. don't park in the drive way you will get parked in by the lunch ladies craze- they are nuts and won't move their cars.

basically, its a goodtime and always a good story.

be strong and go for the gold-
or black purse its always classy.

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Katie said...

i love that purse! but i could never go with you. i got scared just reading about it.