Wednesday, September 27, 2006

snap snap...

i've been shooting photos since i was born.

actually i was born with a camera in my hand.

i started showing pictures in the fair at age 5.

it has been an obsession- and the past 5 years I have been getting side jobs to shoot.

newspaper assignments, sr pictures and weddings for friends.

then candide couture was born.

i made up candide couture on the way home from girls weekend in kc a year ago and decided to run with it.

candide couture is now growing up.

my favorite style of photography- candide (french for candid), spontaneous and full of life.

my favorite style couture- original, creative and funky.

now introducing my new website:

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Katie said...

Danelle it looks AWESOME! I love it...everything about it! My favs are the Europe and graduation pics of course. I can't wait to see your apartment with the posters!