Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I hate sprint.

they are trying to ruin my life.
i snap photos and hit send.
should be easy right?
they want to be funny and send the wrong photo.
how embarrassing!!
i say happy corn dog day and it sends a picture of pancakes and bacon!!
im not kidding.
what jerks.

that is not the end of this story...

i called sprint and they said to take it in and have them look at it and if they couldn't fix it they would give me a new phone.

i take it in and they make me leave it there for a hour. how can they call me when it is done if i dont have a phone? and my phone is my watch- so i have no watch to know when an hour is up...because im not going to wait around.

i hate my life.

so i got to tjmaxx and kill sometime...

meanwhile finding some wonderful finds. a pair of pencil capris with a panda bear scene painted on the back pocket and a short sleve zip up hooded sweatshirt with a sparrow bejeweled on the back. SCORE.

at least the day was not in vain.

so i get back to sprint and they say- oh there is a known problem with these new phones and there is not a software up date yet. alls that we can do is totally erase everything on your phone and hope it goes away.

im like that is ridiculous! i have like 300 contacts on there im not putting them all in by hand. call me when the update arrives.

until then you will get wackado picture mail.

im sorry sprint sucks.

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