Sunday, February 14, 2010

life as a puppy mom day 365...

feb. 14, 2009

(notice where the electrical box is)
feb. 14, 2010

one year ago today we picked up our little bundle of joy in bellevue.
that weekend i blogged about life as a puppy mom.

observations about puppies:
they are like babies, they wake up early, cry and cant walk downstairs yet...
they are unlike babies because they run all over the house, bite everything, and scratch the crud out of you with their sharp puppy claws and teeth.
they are sweet and loving.
they try not to pee in the house but sometimes they are too darn excited while playing.
they learn quick.
they are fun and funny.
they have big bellies.
they wear humans out.
they like balls and mini frisbees.
they watch tv sometimes.
they can and do get the hickups...i think
everybody loves them.

most is still true a year later, except she can walk up and downstairs now...but she chooses to sprint up and down them...and she is potty trained now.
she is also still wearing us all out.

i wish she was that tiny and fuzzy again...but she has grown into a beautiful little lady.


Barbara said...

It's so hard to believe that those tiny little puppies can turn into those big lovable dogs! So beautiful!

Chorizo said...

Hi. My name is Chorizo. I am 2 years 9 months 3 weeks and 2 days old and I am still a puppy. Your blog was flagged as you used the words "life as a puppy" and that is my blogs name.Cute puppy but I did not see a name.
Love and Licks