Saturday, April 18, 2009


i just got a postcard in the mail saying i need to renew my plates. big boo.
i always thought personal plates for your car were super i never even asked how much they were.
today i decided to ask my mom how much her RNTLC4U (registered nurse tender love & care for you) plates were and was pleasantly surprised to hear only around $25 a year.

what a bargain for a little personally on a normally boring honda...
so i said i would get mine to say cupcake.
got home went online to the nebraska dmv- someone already has them. big boo again.
the following are also unavailable:
cup cake
cup kake
kup cake
kup kake
...ok you are getting my point all the good ones were taken...
all except for UPCAKE- so i applied for them!
upcake might be confusing to people- but i already have a big old johnny cupcakes sticker on the back of my car... if people dont get it- it's their loss.
UPCAKE it is. :)

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