Thursday, April 02, 2009

there's an anchor for my soul...

the past few days i have been thinking of this song, when i think of my friend who just passed away.
i heard it this morning and then i heard it again after natalie's rocking southern baptist funeral that featured the omaha gospel choir.
when i was sitting in the upstairs choir pit of that packed church today surrounded by voices today all singing gospel- it made me feel at peace.
i truly found peace in my soul.
i have always loved the song 'it is well with my soul' and i love this new chris tomlin song 'i will rise' every time the choir kicks in a get qoosebumps.
that's how i felt today in the hot and crowded church...goosebumps of joy.
i find comfort in my faith, i think without that life would be unbearable some days.
i know before natalie passed she got things right with God and she is now celebrating with him in heaven.
i must say this was both the longest (2 hours) and most inspirational funeral i have ever been to.
i want a gospel choir at my funeral someday.
i want to go out with a booming bass, joyful noise and praises to God for a life lived well.
just like my dear friend miss natalie rochelle love did today.
(ps- chris tomlin's new cd that this song is on is called 'hello love' cool is that?)

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