Thursday, November 13, 2008

dream came true...

last night i went to bed with a smile on my face, a fierce ringing in my ears and 5 dancing dreamboats from my 1989 dreams dancing in my head.
last night a dream 17 years in the making came true.
i got to literally hangin tough with the new kids on the block.
one word: amazing.

seriously. i didnt know what to expect but it was amazing!!
i was one of the 8,000 screaming 20 something women at the qwest center last night. most of the night was just surreal. it didnt seem like it could actually be happening. i had dreamed of that moment since 1989. becky and i just kept looking at each other saying this is so crazy! one of my favorite moments is when donny said, "who'da thought on a random wednesday night in 2008 that we could all get back together and have such a good time? who woulda believed it?"

i was very impressed that the kids, not so new anymore, could dance dance dance all night long and still rock it. they seriously danced and changed clothes every song and it was amazing. that's all i can say amazing. i do have to add that when danny was break dancing i did fear that 39 year olds should take caution while dancing and break dancing was definitely risky at that age but amazing.

well i did. i was there to believe the gloriousness. i went to my moms to dig for my nkotb giant buttons on monday night and actually found them. one joey and one jordan. i of course brought my jordan button since he was my favorite. i was surprised to see how many others and found theirs too along with their old shirts and hats.

i got free tickets from bam, thanks bam, and he joked that nobody else would want them and i could have them. the seats were in the nosebleed but we snuck down to the side of the stage after lady gaga and natasha bedingfield. they were great seats. we could see behind the scenes and see them come on and off the stage.

some videos from the awesomeness:

thanks for the amazing night boys!

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