Thursday, December 13, 2007


as much as i try to think of the right words to say i just can't.
i just cant believe it happened...even a week later.

to my poor friends that had to experience that: i'm sorry. i don't know what to say besides i am here for you to listen. you are in my continual prayers. i pray you can someday walk into the mall and have no fear. that you will not let this boy ruin your life. that you may let this experience make you the fighters you are. that you will learn what really matters in life and live everyday like it was your last. that you will have peace in your heart and in your soul. that you may understand the love of god and how he has a plan for you and this horrible day that you will never forget. girls, you are here today because you were meant to be. you have a lot of living to do and a lot of lip gloss to wear. you have a lot of sun to feel on your pretty little powdered and bronzed faces.

to the families of the people who were killed: i am sorry you had to lose your loves. i pray for an over whelming peace to fill your hearts and heal them. hold your loved ones a little tighter and forgive. don't let hate consume your life. be bigger than that person. laugh and live for the ones who can't...that's what they would want you to do i bet.

to the rest of the world: the same thing i wish for my friends. that you will find peace in this madness and love one another.

may god's love be with you my friends...
i love you guys.

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