Friday, December 21, 2007

post 400...das boot!

tonight we went to the crescent moon ale house and then went down to visit the huber haus- a german bier hall! to get das boot. it was good to see meleah again. here are the rules to the boot...that i just learned about when we got time we will follow the rules.

• Rules of the Boot •

1. The BOOT must travel clockwise around the table.
2. The BOOT may never touch the table, if you set it down you buy the next boot.
3. The toe of the BOOT must always point away from the drinker, if it doesn't drink again!
4. The BOOT must be "flicked" with your finger before passing it - forget, and drink again!
5. If the BOOT splashes the drinker, drink again!
6. The person that passed the BOOT to the person that finishes it buys the next BOOT.
7. (repeat)

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