Tuesday, August 07, 2007

things i did this weekend:

1. went on a date with my husband to grisantis.
2. went shopping for babies and bridal showers.
3. watched the man in the moon (one of reese witherspoon's first movies) and apartment 12 (with mark ruffalo) on the good ol' dvr.
4. helped my mom and randy move into their new house in louisville.
5. saw my dear friend natalie's newest edition to her family...baby lucus...10 lbs 7 oz! pics to come...
6. drove to kc to see the schlegs.
7. went to dinner at the crazy hash house a go go at the fabulous legends shopping center in kc- where they had insane food. i had sage fried chicken with a hardwood smoked bacon waffle tower, hot maple reduction & fried leeks- joel had one heck of a chicken pot pie that came in a life size crust hat you could wear, cindy had a tower of meat loaf and kim went for the pork ribs. they called it twisted farm food- but it started in california...they must have some funky farms!

8. saw a dinosaur and a giant turtle.
9. went swimming with joel's mama.
10. helped make a delicious lunch.
11. went to see the new borne ultimatum movie...sooooo good!
12. drove home from kc.
13. had a big mac with my mac daddy.

-overall a very busy but fun weekend.


SAHM I am! said...

Hash house is fabby. Mom & Dad did it on the 4th - I did it w/some girl friendz [one that attempted to climb the pot pie] a few weeks ago & we're taking Tom on his bday. Crazy food!

Katie said...

First--Busy weekend
Second--LOVE Man in the moon
Third--10lbs 7oz
Fourth--those dinners were huge
Fifth--when do i get to see your busy face?