Friday, August 17, 2007

cheesecakes amore...

"an illicit love affair in every bite."

that's my dad's dream and passion.
the world's finest cheesecakes...
you might remember the tasty treats from my wedding and graduation party.

he perfected them years ago and has dreamt of focusing on his cheesecakes full-time.
i always tell him to do what makes him happy and lately we have been talking about it more everyday.

its what he loves in life.
helping the world enjoy their lives more one bite at a time.
we were talking about how a good cheesecake is like life.
you shouldn't have to have a special occasion to enjoy it.
you should spoil the ones you love (and yourself) everyday.
live everyday to its fullest.

linsey and i were talking about deserts the other day after our outing to the cupcake island.
she said that she will watch what she eats normally- but when it comes to desert you should always go big or go home. and i agree.

life is too short.
we should always go big or go home.

so with this i challenge my dad-
lets go big or go home.

lets do it.

cheesecakes amore for everyone!

who wants to be our first order on new adventure?


Katie said...

Yes! That's your new job! Marketing and PR for cheesecake... skate or die, Danelle!

Heather B said...

Are you kidding - I will be your 1st customer!!!

And 2nd ... and 3rd ... :)

Danelle The Girl... said...

just let us know what flavor you would like.
my dad makes custom flavors!
whatever your little mind can think up!

Jimmy said...

i think we all know, i will be the first, because i can put down the most!

what was the kind for your graduation, there were two, or three. i can't remember, i was hypnotized by the chocolate fountain.

Danelle The Girl... said...

peanut butter cup of course...
then triple berry
and probably a vanilla?