Wednesday, April 11, 2007

welcome home...

we missed you
im glad you lived and loved.
im glad you took the chance on moving across the u.s. for that love.
im sad it didnt turn out the way you wanted.
but i have to say im glad you are coming home.

you are way to important to all of your best friends and family here in omaha.
we were happy for you to see something new and get out there and live, but at the same time totally jealous we had to loose you for a few months...the really cold, boring months.

welcome home jimbo.
we have a lot of farmhouse, zios, ted and wallies and hiro to catch up on.
...oh and its fate im not working now- we can start a new chapter of the unemployment diaries together.
reminds me of this time last year when we were unemployed and headed out to see the world.
can you fit in my suitcase to japan?

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

i am ready to see you again!