Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i (heart) death cab for cutie/the postal service.

they are amazing.
probably one of my all time favorite bands, and i like a lot of bands.
listening to them just takes me to a different place.
reminds me of road trips and good friends.
the beats and flow of their songs just makes my heart happy.

i still remember the first death cab song i ever heard.
'photobooth' it was the summer of my sophmore year and i was living in dorm 634 i think.
i remember thinking, 'wow, these guys are good.'
years later i still think the same thing every time i hear them/the postal service.

...even penny likes them.
i put them on this morning and her motor started purring.
she has good taste what can i say.

photobooth by death cab for cutie

"I remember when the days were long
and the nights when the living room was on the lawn.
Constant quarreling the childish fits
and our clothes in a pile on the ottoman.
All the slander and double speak were only foolish attempts
to show you did not mean,
anything but the blatant proof was your lips touching mine in the photobooth.

And as the summers ending the cold air rush your hard heart away.
You were so condescending,
and this is all that's left
scraping paper to document.
I've packed a change of clothes and it's time to move on."

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