Monday, July 03, 2006

SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM! We are classy broads...

Being on the road of unemployment for two straight months has treated me well so far.

I'm the tanest I've been since I was 7 and have gotten just enough side gigs to pay the bills.

My latest job being a SPAM Girl at Columbus Days. It was a hot two days, but boy was it fun.

We now are BFF's with half of the Nebraska State Patrol Troop B...Which pays off when getting pulled over for going 80 something in a 60mph zone while listening to 'Riding Dirty'...How often does that happen?

I think the SPAM saved us...Who could give three hot SPAM girls a ticket? I really don't think it's possible.

We served up grilled SPAMwiches all weekend and spreaded the word that SPAM is back.

The people of Columbus do know how to get down and party to celebrate 150 years of being a town.

We even had a couple of guys that wanted to take out the SPAM Girls...One being a very cute State Trooper Reilly and one being a creepy redheaded petitioner...We had to go a head and pass though. Maybe next time.

Look for us coming to a city near you on our website:

If you missed the girls at Columbus Days last weekend you can still find them soon.

Check out the Spam Girls in your neck of the woods...

July 7 & 8 in Omaha, Ne at:

Super Walmart 16960 W Maple Rd,
Omaha, NE (402) 289-0150

and July 14-16 in Fremont! More details to come!

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Jimmy said...

I want to be a spam girl!