Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wedding details are coming right along...

172 Days to go kidos... NEW YEARS EVE ROCK AND ROLL WEDDING.

So being engaged is great...You can finally start calling about all of the details you have secretly planning for years.

I'm so lucky to have a boy who says, 'You can pick whatever you want... Just tell me when to show up.'

Which is nerve racking, but amazing...I'm not going to lie.

Plans are going off without too many hitches.

Asked all 10 bride's/maid/man/matron of honors to be in the wedding and flowergirls.

Had Joel start asking his few...9 is too many for him he said. Jimmy can stand on my side he said! I said no, I want him...and I get what I want..haha.

Called/emailed my oh so talented friends that are photographers/makeup artists/musicians/photographers/florists/wedding cake makers/dj's and got that rolling..

It pays off having friends in high places.

Found out that Sokol costs an arm, leg and your first child...sorry rumplestilskin- I'm keeping little Ulrik Schlegelmilch.

I came up with the most amazing idea for my Rock N Roll wedding...

Having it at 'The Rock' in Papillion.

It is an old converted movie theater that has been turned into an amazing venue with an upstairs coffee shop/soon to be bar...

I know the owners and am currently working out one heck of a deal.

New Years Eve is available he said, and it's all mine! I meet with him next Monday night to work out the details!

Done and Done.

Ok now for the church...

The church I grew up in's pastor just left to go to a bigger church...Which is fine by me...because I want my Uncle Rik to marry me with the help of a good friend's Dad...but we have to wait for the new guy to start to get it booked and see if it's fine by him. I have found out that some churches charge $400+ for members to have weddings...My church is free for lets pray God lets me use his house that day. I think he will be cool with it.

We will know for sure in August I guess.

I've gotten my magazines and know what I want for my girls to wear and have even stopped by a store to try on a dress or two secretly. Don't worry girls, I will wait till you can come next time.

I do know what I want and I promise it is amazing.

I want vintage rock all the way from my head to my toes...


More details to come ladies and gents... Petersen&JoelSchlegelmilch

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Jimmy said...

I am so f-ing excited!