Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everybody cut, everybody cut! Everybody cut...footloose!

Photo by Malone and Co. Photography

Last week for my birthday we attended preview night of footloose the musical at the omaha community playhouse.

Let me tell you that from the first time I saw this seasons lineup this is the show I was most excited about.

You all know of my love of all things 1980s...and this has been one of my favs for a longtime. I mean come on a movie about a town that has made dancing illegal...it is legendary.

Throw in one of the best soundtracks and it was just begging to be made into a musical!

The actors were great! I loved the wardrobe of 80s garb and the epic red cowboy boots...that her daddy hates.

The music was awesome....I only wish I could have danced and sang along with them instead of quietly seat dancing with jimbo as mr. Joel gave me the stop it look...the same look he gave me when he saw me put on my vintage cowboy boots.

It was such a great time and a must see for all the footloose lovers out there. 

It plays until Oct 17 so dust off your Sunday shoes and dance on in there!

I leave you with my favorite song:

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Marilee Philen said...

Chris Penn was so awesome in this movie. Great video pick!