Saturday, October 04, 2008

so excited!

im so pumped to start at the heartland chapter on monday.
as you know i currently do p.r. for the red cross midwest blood region.
i will now be the marketing and communications manager at the heartland chapter of the red cross.

the heartland chapter serves the people of burt, cass, douglas, sarpy, saunders and washington counties...and i am so excited to jump in there and start working!

i will also continue to work at the blood region until they hire someone new or our marketing manager returns from maternity leave in late nov. i am sad to leave my team- but glad i will get to continue to work with them!

for those of you who dont know what the chapter does exactly you are about to find out!

the red cross has 5 main parts:
blood services
disaster and emergency services
health and safety services
international services
armed forces services i learn more i will be sure to let you all know! :)

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