Monday, July 07, 2008

vacation run down part 1

day 1: flew in. waited in long lines to get into mexico. took taxi to resort. went to beach. got pina colada. relaxed. ate enchiladas for dinner. had drinks at swim up bar. went back to room to watch chic flicks.

day 2: slept in. rode the bus to walmart of all places to get some food and booze since we have our own kitchen and things add up quick here on the resort. then we just hung around the pool and went to dinner in town and had some great authentic food. it then proceeded to down pour and we rushed into a cab and went back to the resort to watch meg ryan chic flicks until falling asleep all in the giant king sized bed. (we have pull outs but they look very unwelcoming so we are sharing.)

day 3: slept in...woke up to continued to rain all day! literally all day. tropical storms are here people! note to self: july is mexico´s rainy season...

got up and watched some more chic flicks since it was raining gatos and peros (cats and dogs) ordered nachos, made pina coladas...napped until 7pm...ate sushi for dinner.

smoked cubans on the beach...yes real cubans. that was interesting. my lungs hurt- but it was worth the experience.

mary and abby danced on the bar...(more on that tomorrow)

we retired to the room for cocktails and more chic flicks.

it is suppose to be sunny tomorrow. pray it is. i need to lay by the beach some more and soak up some rays so i dont look so pasty pale!

the internet place is closing down for the night- but i will upload pics in the morning.

buenos noches!

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