Thursday, July 10, 2008

more fun times in the sun...

ok so an update on what the heck we have been up too...
sleeping in.
laying out at the beach under little hut things.
thats it basically.
its glorious!

oh and we went out to find some famous secret tamale place last night that we heard about. the place only serves tamales...
the cab driver said he didnt know where we were talking about.
we then asked him to just take us to the best tamale place in town.
he ended up taking us there.
it was fabulouso.
we loved every bite
we even got desert tamales.
strawberry for abby and i and pinapple for mary.

basically its been amazing to relax.
my twitching eye has stopped.
but i totally wish i was back at home with joel.
i have been gone for over a week at this point and miss my little penny pie and joel!
im about out of time online here and i have already spent $15 on Internet! can you say crazy?

im loco for the internets!!
its hard to go from being so connected to not at all.
oh well i will be home in to time (saturday night i fly back to dallas then i will get home late sunday night) and back to work on monday! booo!!

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