Saturday, April 19, 2008

dear nebraska cornhuskers...

(yes actual fan- i snapped this photo at a game i was drug too)

why must everyone be so obsessed with you?
why must my husband be one of those super obsessed- running around our apartment like a mad man trying to pick up a signal to listen to this dang spring game on the radio because he missed out on getting tickets to a game to watch them play each other?
im sorry i just don't understand.
hundreds of dollars for tickets to games, runza's at games and red t-shirts to fit right into the sea of red at the games.
it's not even fall yet- but the huskers have found a way to tick me off already.
-not looking forward to a 8 home game season and not seeing my husband for months.
anyone want to start an anti husker club?


Katie said...

At least the runzas sound good!

Michael said...

I'm in.
-michael anderson