Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bloggin in the owh

today the owh ran a piece on how blogging can backfire on some folks that use blogs to vent their feelings and then friends and family are offended.

blogging can be a good release but i agree that some self monitoring is needed to keep the peace with the world.

Council Bluffs blogger Molly Gordon hardly ever mentions family on her blog, "The Red Portfolio." The risks are too high.

"It is so much easier to let opinions fly out when all that's in front of your face is a computer screen," she said. "You may type something you wouldn't normally say, and that's dangerous."

Gordon, who's been blogging for three years, instead critiques socialites, actresses and sushi.

That's definitely the safest route, said Gilda Carle, a New York City relationship therapist.

way to represent molly...
and nice blog link wendy!

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Katie said...

And if anyone knows blogging... it's The Red Portfolio herself.