Saturday, August 05, 2006

Farewell Names Without Numbers...

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I wanted to blog this morning in honor of one of the greatest bands that has ever played together. That is right, Names without Numbers, I love you so.

And not just because my fiancé' Joel is the bassist, but Ryan, Dave and John have all shown me a goodtime for a quiet a while.

I remember going to see NWN when I was in high school, before Joel was in the band, when Brian played bass. John Rasmussen and me would go and rock out at Rebels to them. We loved how crazy Brian got on the bass.

I use to host Video Diversity Rock- and I remember one night after a show, Ryan came up to me and was like, "Hey, don't you do that TV show?" And I'm like, "Why yes I do, sorry it sucks" And Ryan says, "No, Im actually a huge fan." And I say with a chuckle, "Well I'm actually a huge fan of your band." HAHA.

Joel and me followed them to Cornerstone and rocked out with them every summer. I even bought a shirt- the only thing I bought the whole time- and I could have gotten one in Omaha, Ha.

Next came Nick, on the bass- equally as crazy, and a screamer. I loved seeing him perform also. I tried to book NWN at UNO for like 4 years, I loved them so much, too bad they all worked during the day and never graced my little stage at UNO.

Then came the day when Nick was no longer playing bass in the band, and Dave asked my man, Mr. Joel, if he would do the honors. I was like no flipping way. We couldn't believe it.

Of course, he said yes- and a few weeks later we were off in the van on our way to Minneapolis for Joel's first show with NWN.

I remember getting into the van, Dave turned on Andrew WK and thinking- "Im going to like these guys even more!" Side note: I LOVE AWK!

The place they played was at this huge place called the Qwest Club. I took my new Nikon D-70 and shot like I've never shot before, still some of my favorite pics- because I could go up above the stage and shoot.

From there I traveled with the band doing mini tours through SD, MN, IA and good old NE. From Barns and festivals to Convention Centers we have seen it all. We always had a goodtime and made new friends along the way, including ET.

It's only been two years this next month since Joel started with NWN, who's been around since the beginning of time, but those two years were pretty frickin great.

I've always wanted to live a life on the road as a rock star. I got to see a bit of what it is like and learned a lot of great life lessons along the way. Like dont bring ballerina flats on a New Years Eve tour to MN...snow boots would be a smarter choice.

I will miss Ryan yelling at Dave about giving us horrible directions, Dave always being right, John all ways being late and his crazy snack choices on the road, Joel standing on the left side of the stage (my left) and moving slowly but surely with his bass.

Dave with his HUGE amp cases and Ryan with his little honey bear. Johns little pal, PJ, running all over going crazy. Getting to hang with the wives, Melissa and Tina, and talk about how crazy our boys are. Joel looking down at me from the stage and making silly faces. Dave always promoting the next show or the merch in the back.

One of my favorite memories is when Dave said that everyone should go and buy some merch from the pretty girl in the back, me, but not to mess with me cause I'm taken. He then continued on, "Joel our bass player over here, asked her to marry him, and she said yes!" Then everyone clapped and I smiled and said that is me!

The point being, I love these boys of Names Without Numbers and thank them kindly for the fond memories through out the years.

Names Without Numbers
August, 5 2006 at Sokol Underground - NWN LAST SHOW- ?13th & Martha, Omaha, NE 68101?Cost: $8
LAST SHOW EVER!!!!!! WE ARE BREAKING UP!! This show will kill all other shows. The line-up includes NWN, PARIA, FLYOVER COUNTRY, SCHOOL OF ARMS (featuring members of system failure & analog) & a Better in Eleven reunion! We hope to see you there!

Say what you will, you got star power Names without Numbers

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Jimmy said...

even though i only witnessed one show, i will miss them. :)

i shall see you soon.