Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dream come true: i met a penguin

tonight an old dream came true.
i got to pet a penguin. (yes a real- live penguin)
now for exciting the back story.

ever since i was a kid i have had a obsession with penguins.
king, rockhopper, black foot, gentoo penguins- i loved them all.
we still display petey the 2 foot plastic christmas penguin with a red bow tie that i got when in grade school at our house year round. (he was even joel's high school punk band's mascot.)

so tonight i went to the zoo for a metro magazine event honoring the cities best events of the year. our heroes in the heartland event was up for the best event in the category of attendance over 500. we didnt win- but man did i win tonight!

little did i expect to get to not only see a penguin, but pet a penguin when i got dressed up for this vip event. so when i saw lucius, the 14 year old black foot penguin, from across the room i ran with my camera and co-worker liz in tow.

i beamed like that little kid and said- LIZ YOU HAVE TO GET MY PICTURE WITH THAT PENGUIN!!

not only did i get a picture with him- i pet him (he was very soft) and i got a little memory to remember him by when he pooped on my arm and shoe.

i didnt really notice at first...then we couldnt stop laughing.

i said excuse me sir- to the caterer with fancy coctails- where is the restroom then five words i never thought i would be saying 'a penguin pooped on me.'

funny thing is i dont care if he pooped on my sparkly brand new- just cut the tags off- sweater.

that's my life.
who else can say a penguin pooped on them at a vip event where the mayor was present?
me. :)
and i love it.

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