Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear delta...

Where to begin... we got to the dfw at 10am for our then on-time 11:30 flight.
It got delayed to 12:09 but didn't leave until about 12:20. Landed in Memphis (at A2) and got off at 1:50...the exact time our connecting was scheduled to leave (at the farthest possible gate B18) ticket agent at A2 said she would call for me and have them hold it.
I ran (in flipflops) across the airport and tons of people to get there to an inhuman devil woman of an agent who after I caught my breath and spit out 'did Omaha leave?' She robotically replied 'yes...ticket please'
at this point (1:58pm) I wanted to 1. Die and 2. Slap her for being a jerk. I told her that the other lady said she would call down and tell them to wait.
Ticket agent number 2 says...we don't hold planes. I said great I just ran 10 miles from A2 for nothing. She hands me my new ticket...7:20.
Frick I was suppose to be home at 3:30. I said seriously that's the earliest? Yep. 'that's disappointing' I say.
Oh and Joel still waiting for his stupid carry on they wouldn't let him carry on to the stupid baby plane in Dallas. When he finally gets to our gate I just say its gone....give her your ticket.
She then applogizes to him...never to me that whole time. I storm off and tell Joel I hate delta as loud as i can and that they could have atleast gave us meal vouchers since we missed lunch and would be here for which he replies...she gave me one.
I guess she gave me one too behind my ticket but in her lack of compassion didn't care to mention it while she wasn't saying now we won't be home until after 9pm if this flights even on time...and I have a conference tomorrow. I HATE delta they ALWAYS mess up my return flights (three times in a row).I should mention that they only reason I booked this flight on delta was because it was free with delta vouchers I got last time I was trying to get home from Dallas and they gave my seat away. 
Let me just say it wasn't worth it and I will never pay delta by choice EVER. I PROMISE. I hope their social media monitors enjoy reading this on my Facebook, blog and Twitter.

A little customer service can go a long way...

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