Sunday, July 11, 2010

testing...check one...check two.

is this thing on?
sorry mic has been broken on my blog i guess for the last couple of months.
what have i been doing you might ask?
i went to jamaica with mr joel to take pictures at crystal and michael's awesome wedding.
then about a week after we were home nebraska was hit my major floods and i worked about 3 weeks straight as the states public affairs manager on the operation-
then mr joel proceeded to leave for turkey and london for two weeks to play bass with king of kings band
and my dad came to visit for one week.
we also went camping and had some bbq's on our new big green egg in-between there.
so now its july- my summer is about half over and i'm wondering where it went.
oh well at least i got to the beach and pool this year (last year i didnt at all and that was more depressing)

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Crystal said...

Jamaica and a BIG Green EGG is worth a little wait! :)