Friday, November 27, 2009

hard candy heart attack

so last weekend when i was strolling through wally world i came across an amazing discovery!
walmart carry's hard candy cosmetics now!!
i know right?
in an almost panic, i dropped the basket i was carrying, and looked at every last item.
i seriously was so excited i couldnt hardly stand it.
i wanted to buy everything...but came to the realization that i already have boxes of make up (literally, left over pieces of lancome gratis-under my bed) at home.
so i picked a few pieces to try out.
liquorish walk the line liquid liner

pinup blush crush baked blush

american girl plumping serum gloss

and light sheer envy tinted moisturizer

i love them all so far!
the tinted moisturiser is a nice coverage and has spf 15!
the lip serum is a nice sting- not too burny like some plumpers are...and it smells yummy.
the liquid liner is great- but seems to take longer than my lancome liners to you have to be patient.
and the blush is awesome. can be used wet or dry. it has a nice bronzer in it...and i heart that.
wallyworld had a nice selection of bold colored shadows, liners, lipsticks,polishes, etc.
i was disappointed that they didnt have more foundation choices or any powders to choose from...but its a good start for walmart.
everything was under $10 which is nice for us cosmetic junkies and they had about a 100 choices of glosses which is also always good for the girl who already has 99 glosses in her purse.
needless to say i know next time i go to wallyworld i will swing by the cosmetic aisles and pick up some new shadows and lipsticks!
i also just noticed you can buy all of these things online here...and shipping is only .97 on beauty items!
score! now we dont even have to go to walmart if we dont want to!

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