Monday, August 03, 2009

punk rock princess...

tomorrow i am headed to the vans warped tour in kc with work for the second year.
we do this music saves lives program where blood donors get the vip backstage experience and i will be right there with them doing some video, pics and working at our red cross booth. it never fails to make me feel old, when there are kids there with their parents that were probably in preschool when i was at my first rock show.

back in my punk rock days i rocked the raddest blonde and pink hair and lip ring. my friend meleah and i hosted the hottest cable access tv show, video diversity rock and were always backstage interviewing bands. we were living the life.

i remember my first warped tour in 2002 was epic.
meleah and i met so many bands my head was spinning, joe from mighty mighty bosstones made me ice coffee, and i had tons of red bulls...and i didnt drink any water...bad idea. the dehydration about killed me with feet cramps to boot. but meleah and i rocked that backstage scene the summer of 2002. we also hit up ozzfest in kc that summer. that was a little crazier...for another blog.

punk rock has always been a love along with my punk rock boy joel...the song above by mxpx was one of the first songs joel learned on his bass and one of the songs i always loved. when i heard him play it- it was love at first strum.

something corporate was one of the bands i had the pleasure of meeting several times that summer. this song was my theme song that year trying to get joel to fall in love with me. i wanted him to be my garage band king, and i wanted to be his punk rock princess...
i guess we did live happily ever after...
except he's my basement (garage) band king and i'm his red cross princess.

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