Saturday, July 11, 2009

in the year 2000...

in case you missed it, i was quoted on the cover of the e.t.a section in the owh on sunday talking about conan o'brien.

my friend josie, who i worked at the gateway at uno with, is a reporter at the owh and often includes me in random stories about barbies, wallets, etc etc.

last week she asked 'when you hear the year 2525 what do you think of?' via facebook.

of course i said i think of conan and his in the year 2000 skits...

little did i know i would be in another rad story. haha. i woke up on sunday to my dad saying 'hey did you know you were in the paper today?' i said oh yah for red cross? he said no...for conan. haha. awesome.

if you dont know i always have recurring dreams about conan. the first few were missed meetings where i dont have my camera...more recently we have become friends in my dreams. (ironically enough, matthew broderick was the first celeb i remember dreaming about in high school...he was ferris bueller of course in my dream)

i think we are destined to be friends.

im still waiting for his people to call me and invite me to la to be on his show.
until then, i will keep on watching and dreaming...

here is one of my favorite new skits:

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