Thursday, January 08, 2009


today i went on my first fire call at work.
i go to help support media interviews.
of course by the time i got to the apartments, after getting lost, the media had come and gone but it was a good learning experience.
i got to see what we do first hand to help support the immediate needs of people that have lost everything.
for those of you that don't know whenever there is a home or apartment fire the fire department calls us and we round up our disaster action team (all volunteers) and go to help serve the families in need.
we help with food, clothing, shelter and even financial support if it's needed. we also pass out comfort kits and help them in what steps to take next and canteen snacks and drinks for the emergency workers.
it is pretty neat.
i got to go with two of our volunteers who access damage to see the apartment that was on fire, red cross hard hat and all.
fires are a scary thing.
its even scarier up close.
i appreciate our volunteers that go to help fire clients everyday, rain or shine. night or day. freezing or hot. 24-7 if your family has a fire we will be there to help...that is pretty cool.
thanks volunteers!

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