Sunday, December 07, 2008

cant forget...

so i started this blog friday but never finished it.
friday was the 1 year anniversary of the von maur shootings.
it seems crazy to re-live that day in all its horror.
this whole week it was all i could think of and i am still speechless a year later.
my von maur friends.
the families of those lost.
the ever so sweet survivors. (i heart fred)
friday i went to the remembrance ceremony to support my friends.
it was good to see everyone again but a bittersweet surreal moment all together.
my friend steph (my new orleans police hero) was in town and i invited her to go with me.
as we stood in the freezing cold wind the sun somehow still shined down on us all as friends, families and tears gathered.
a few people spoke as the dozens of news crews went live and feverishly snapped their cameras.
i couldnt help but look at my friends, the survivors, and think wow i wonder what they are thinking now.
i just kept praying that they find the peace i have been praying they would find for the last year.
fred wilson, one of my dear friends and shooting survivor, looked over at me and smiled and said that he was going to be calling me soon about a red cross speaking engagement i had arranged for him. people let me tell you how amazing this man is. he is a living example of forgiveness and hope. so inspirational. every time i see this sharply dressed soft spoken petite man he never ceases to amaze me. his story is an simple story of a man that loves to tell everyone that he is blessed to be alive and feels it is now his job to share his story of forgiveness. he has blessed the red cross by sharing this story about how blood is truly the gift of life and it saved his life.
i always tell him he should write a book every time i hear him speak.
i hope he does. i know if everyone could hear his story the silly things we are worrying about would quickly melt away and we would all be brought back to reality.
life is short-
but life is good.
fred now wears the life is good shirts and i think its a symbol of how with faith and a little hope life is always good no matter your circumstance.

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