Sunday, February 10, 2008

movie wrap up:

ok i have made it to a few movies in the past 2 weeks that i haven't commented on yet.

last weekend we saw strange wilderness...and it as a disappointment. i was expecting too much i think. but at the end all that i could keep saying was that was sooo bad.

this weekend we went to see fools gold
it was cute. i love cheesy romantic comedies what can i say? bad thing about the movie...every high schooler had to be in the theater with us...and the most annoying kids i have ever encountered sat behind us talking the entire time! kicking my seat, getting up every 10 minutes, throwing spit balls, ect.

this is the one time i wished i was a minor again-so i could slap the little brats without getting thrown into jail.

i also saw 27 dresses this weekend with my mom and megan. i loved this movie. ok i know some people thought it was another romantic comedy...but i loved it. predictable yes- but i still loved it. being a lover of weddings and being in a few myself these last few years i can appreciate the humor of bridezilla's.

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