Friday, January 18, 2008

steve martin and dan akroyd

i have some crazy dreams.
i don't have dreams with celebs usually but can tell you everyone of them that has graced my dreams for the most part. here are a few of my favs.

it all started with matthew broderick (as ferris bueller of course) in high school. we were best friends and causing a ruckus in the library actually... yah i know its like breakfast club meets ferris bueller...but it was awesome we were pushing the book shelves over.

then i remember in college i dreamt i met conan o'brien.
(a dream that will someday come true)
i was trying to get him to come and speak to students at uno...he didn't want to so i started stocking him somewhat...weird i know.

then there was daniel meade from ugly betty.
i dont really remember much about this dream- but i was totally nerding out about how much i loved ugly betty.

then comes brett favre a few weeks ago- yah i know- i hate football. we were in japan and i was getting my photo with him his brother...if he even has one. i think in my dream i thought he was brett favre but he might have been payton manning and his brother...who the heck knows. but anyways i was saying how weird it was to meet them and how jealous joel was going to be...but totally weird.

ok so a few nights ago i had a dream i was at a bar and saw steve martin and dan akroyd hanging out. i asked if i could have a photo with steve (no idea why i didnt have dan in it) and started up a conversation. he was in omaha shooting an ad for nike he said. i said cool- i work for the red cross how would you feel about doing a psa for us? yada yada yada. i also asked him about if jason schwartzman is hilarious in person (since they were in shopgirl together and i heart jason schwartzman)
anyways steve was awesome and very handsome. linsey took our photo together...i wish i really had it too.

who knows maybe someday i will have the pleasure to meet steve outside of dream world...

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Katie said...

I'd love it if Steve Martin made a cameo in my dream!

Once I had a dream that I was going to the mall with the Wizard of Oz characters. That was pretty sweet.