Thursday, November 16, 2006


So today I sat in on a web-inar like a seminar online. It was called Mining the Blogosphere: It's a Whole New World of Marketing.

I basically knew all of the things they talked about- they just put it into good words.

"Those online conversations--chatty, impassioned, diary-like--provide a new source of insight for companies to strengthen their brand, gain insights for product development, monitor product launches, and determine marketing campaign effectiveness."

So everytime we talk about our favorite things- there are now company's that report back to 'the man.'

I guess that is what we get for publishing our diaries online.

Here are some more fun facts on blogging...


50 million blogs
A new blog every second
Over 100,000 message boards
75,000 new blogs each day
50,000 blog posts each hour
More than 30 % of online population visit blogs

Sources: comScore, Spring, 2005 and, April 2006

And another fun thing I just discovered: blog and blogger are not even in the blogger spell check machine.


Katie said...

holy minnestrone! you're the all-knowing

Its kinda creepy to think people are tracking us. Same things with credit cards. every time our credit cards get swiped, that info goes into the creepy "i know everything that you do" vault.

Anonymous said...

Danelle, my blogging friend. A blog every second ehh? It is quite addicting. I'm addicted to the blog.